Physiotherapy is a treatment that involves using advanced electrical nerve stimulation therapy for quick pain relief from joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Ultrasound therapy may also be used to reduce inflammation and reduce swelling by dissolving scar tissue and adhesions for acute pain. Once you can tolerate the pain level it is important that you stretch out the tight muscles and do active exercises to strengthen the injured muscle area. Home exercises will be advised. Studies have shown great results treating musculoskeletal conditions by physiotherapy exercises with a combination of chiropractic care to restore physical function of the body and prevent from re-injuries.

What to Expect

Upon initial visit, our trained professional conducts a thorough assessment to determine the causes of the problems you are experiencing. Based on this information, an appropriate individualized treatment plan can be designed.

Treatment Techniques

Physiotherapy most commonly involves manual therapy such as muscle strengthening and stretching, to retrain your body to move the way it was designed to. Depending on your needs, your individualized treatment plan may also include the use of passive treatment modalities such as electrical stimulation, or ultrasound therapy to aid in your recovery. You will also be educated about exercises you can do at home for long-term maintenance and injury prevention.

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