Originating from China and now practiced world-wide, acupuncture is an ancient form of alternative medicine based on the premise of maintaining balance with the body’s Qi (energy). In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi is one of the many components vital to preserving a healthy life. When the body is functioning optimally, Qi flows smoothly through the body’s meridian where there are acupuncture points with energetic properties to either stimulate or sedate the body. A disturbance in the flow of Qi is believed to be the root cause of many ailments. To stimulate acupuncture points, thin needles are inserted into the body and manipulated to reach the ‘De Qi’ sensation (arrival of Qi). Acupuncture is a safe and effective method performed by qualified health professionals, and is supported by many research trials.

What to expect:

  • During your first visit, a comprehensive health history is taken to ensure a safe and custom treatment. This process takes approximately 15-20 minutes allowing time for acupuncture.
  • Clean needling technique is used to ensure appropriate care which includes the use of disposable, single-use sterile needles.
  • Most people don’t feel pain upon insertion, but manipulation is used to reach ‘De Qi’ sensation (arrival of Qi). Some of the common sensations are: heavy, itchy, warm, numb, tingling.
  • Other modalities used alongside acupuncture are: cupping therapy, herbal medicine, tuina (acupressure), gua sha, Qi Gong.
  • Common conditions that may benefit from acupuncture include (but not limited to): musculoskeletal pain (chronic or acute), headache/migraines, gynecological conditions, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, anxiety/depression.

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